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Laurence Lee ~ Pianist, Musician, Composer

Born in Missouri, Laurence Lee picked up the piano at age six. (You guessed it—he worked out a lot even back then.) His first piano teacher, born without a left hand yet a competent player, inspired him to stick with piano lessons while so many kids were giving up. Hearing his teacher play with one hand, Laurence was motivated and excited by the thought of what he might someday accomplish with two.

Laurence studied music all through high school and during college he focused on classical piano and performed with local music groups. In 1984, Laurence moved to Dallas to live in a more modern environment and immerse himself in contemporary music. Dallas turned out to be a good move in unexpected ways. While continuing to write original music, Laurence landed some small acting parts in television and he began to believe that music composition and film scoring could become a significant part of his future.

Musically, Laurence has received accolades for his richly textured and uniquely arranged instrumentals. His stirring compositions reveal an extraordinary sense of melody and a subtle mastery of instrumentation. Although constantly writing and recording in his studio, Laurence keeps in touch with the live scene by performing on solo piano and with a popular contemporary jazz band.

Laurence puts it like this; “In a way, I write what I want to hear and what truly moves me…that could mean a love song, a song about life’s journey or even a funk tune. No matter the style, I always enjoy the creative process and the often difficult to explain evolution of a musical piece. What I most love to write are songs that engage people and take them to a familiar or remembered place—especially where their emotional response has some element of hope.”

Composer, Arranger, Musician Laurence Lee